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Protect Beautiful Sarasota County

Our environment is our most critical resource. It is the amazing wildlife that grace our backyards, our pristine beaches, and the driver of our economy. 


We are on a mission to make sure our community continues to have the right to enjoy our beautiful environment, and to have our water, beaches, air, and soil free from harmful contaminants that threaten our health. 

Thank you for your interest in protecting our environment!


We welcome all to join our local caucus, stay informed about critical environmental issues, take action, and work together to ensure a safe and beautiful Sarasota County. 

Get Involved

About Us

The Environmental Caucus of Sarasota County Democrats is a part of the Democratic Caucus of Florida, a coalition of Floridians dedicated to ensuring our beautiful state is safe, beautiful, and protected from environmental degradation. 


Our goal is to prevent climate change and decimation of species due to human interference. Our meetings feature experts in their fields, who educate our members with real, contemporary science.  

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