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A Look Back at Our 2021 Milestones

Pledged to support environmental Democratic candidates. 

We supported Alice White, for North Port City Commissioner both with donations (maximum allowable from the ECSCD) and with volunteers who phoned, texted, and waved signs. Alice White won her election and continues to be an environmental advocate as North Port City Commissioner. Visit Alice White's website. 

Beach Clean-Ups

Pledged to do quarterly beach/park clean-ups to raise awareness and increase member participation. Objective met!

Pledged to work on restoring habitat.

We are working hard on our Hi-Hat Conservation initiative. We have sent the Sarasota County Board of Commissioners the Sarasota County 2050 plan, and are waiting for input. The project was pushed back in the Board of County Commissioners' agenda. Objective is in the planning stage.

Membership Drive

We plan on using social media, past speaker events, clean-ups, and a timeline of caucus accomplishments to increase our membership and raise awareness of our Caucus. This is in the planning stages. Objective underway.

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